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The Official Secret Menu For Dogs

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The Official Dog Secret Menu

As of recent tons of restaurants are adding in their own variations of fun and awesome treats compiling the Official Dog Secret Menu.

We would feel it be an injustice to the dog lovers out there who didn’t know about these hotspots. Most places are kind enough to give your dog these treats for free as well which makes it a win-win deal you really can’t refuse.

We understand…you love your dog! You can now improve the loving connection between you and your furry friend. Try one of these awesome places to get your pup a treat!

1. Starbucks Puppucino

This by far is one of the best out there as there are 23,043 Starbucks in the United States as of last year. Starbucks also offers these for free, at most Starbuck locations.

The Puppucino may sound complex but at it’s root is a very simple drink. It is whip cream in an espresso cup. It is always smart to ask your vet about possible dairy allergies, however whip cream has been found to be safe for most dogs, as it is only cream and sugar.



2. In N’ Out Pup Patty

In N’ Out is one of America’s most popular chains and if your lucky enough to have one in your area you can share a treat with your pup

This food chain has a plain and simple treat for your pup. Next time you go through the drive thru, be sure to ask for a pup patty – a hamburger patty without the salt, crafted for your best friend.



3. Dairy Queen Pup Cup

Serving up soft serve since 1940, Dairy Queen has joined the dog secret menu game. They crafted a pup cup for your buddy. It features a small vanilla soft serve ice cream cup. And did we mention…it’s free!



4. Sprinkles Pupcake

Sprinkles adds to the list with a nice and charming cupcake for pups. It features a cupcake made with sugar-free and yogurt frosting!


5. Old Fashioned Sonic Milkbone

Sonic is everyones favorite fast food drive in to go to. With over 1063953 fountain drink and slush combinations, they have the most important 1 for dog lovers. A simple milk bone for your buddy. Now you can go to Sonic with your little companion!


6. Tim Hortons Timbits

Tim Hortons is well known for their very famous Timbits, and they expand that to the canine world. Ask for a pet-friendly Timbits so can make them sugar free! Limit one per canine!


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